App Store Update: New Delivery Capability for Omni-channel Returns

July 30, 2020

Ecommerce is emerging as a winner during the COVID-19 pandemic as consumers turn to online purchasing to replace the disappearing brick-and-mortar retailer. Shelter-at-home and social distancing policies have compounded issues for the retail industry with no relief in sight. 

Returning unwanted online purchases is a barrier for consumers now more than ever. What consumer wants to risk COVID-19 exposure waiting in line at postal stores, driving to drop-boxes, exchanging items at shopping malls, or leaving the safety and comfort of their home? Re-turnz solves this problem by connecting online shoppers with on-demand gig-economy drivers who pick up and deliver return items within the hour from the home – faster than major postal carriers.


In the latest app store update, Re-turnz has expanded the app’s omni-channel returns capability to retail locations, drop-boxes, and distribution centers (in addition to UPS, FedEx, and USPS locations) for a truly seamless returns experience. By simply entering the address of the specific return destination in the “Delivery Location” field, customers and merchants now access thousands more drop-off destinations.


The Re-turnz app update comes at a pivotal time for the retail industry as the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted consumer purchasing toward eCommerce. Retailers heavily leveraged in brick-and-mortar are struggling to draw consumers, evidenced by mass bankruptcies and store closures. In March, Re-turnz founders anticipated this shift in consumer purchasing behavior and the deterioration of brick-and-mortar, developing the tech specification for a more diverse return solution. Now in July, this specification is implemented and published to App Stores.

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As eCommerce grows, so does the returns wave and the need for omni-channel returns processing to enhance the consumer experience and bottom line revenue savings. Re-turnz makes an even more compelling case for B2B integration with the new update. In addition to an unparalleled customer experience, the update allows retailers and postal carriers to diversify disposition that routes returns directly to brick-and-mortar, regional fulfillment centers, and centralized disposition processing. In short, consumers love it and retailers/postal carriers save money in the reverse logistics supply chain.


Re-turnz blends gig-economy with shipping logistics in the first mile of eCommerce fulfillment. Unlike last mile logistics, the first mile of reverse logistics outsources fulfillment to the consumer creating a universal pain-point in the eCommerce experience. Re-turnz mobilizes a nimble and mission-ready fleet of gig-economy drivers scalable in all major regional markets in the U.S. that process faster than last-mile delivery and major postal carriers.


Re-turnz processes Rent The Runway swaps, outbound Poshmark packages, and any outbound item with valid postage meant for postal carriers (letters and packages).


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