Rent The Runway: Meet the Re-turnz App – A Rotating Closet, not a Revolving Door to the Postal Store

January 3, 2020

Rent The Runway members enhance their day-to-day fashion experience with an always-rotating selection of designer clothing, without the designer price tag.

But beyond the cocktail parties, black-tie socials, and intimate nights out with that special someone, is the presence of RTR’s return policy. When the party ends and smart conversation of socialites fade, the next event to plan for is the pending trip through the revolving door of the UPS Store.

RTR members, meet the Re-turnz App – The return service that takes your Swaps directly to the UPS Store, on demand and within the hour. Improve the fashionable RTR customer experience by removing time consuming trips commuting to the UPS Store.

What’s Up with RTR’s Current Return Policy? 

RTR advertises “super easy returns” by providing prepaid UPS return labels in a protective bag, with the caveat that the customer has to physically drop off the return to the UPS Store. But for the customers who just got through looking like a “Million Dollars”, a better experience would be to have their own private return service.

Consider This: What does your typical return to the UPS Store entail?

  • Planning around work or making a trip during your free time
  • Driving during traffic, or on-foot in cities like NYC
  • Parking, if there is any, is always a hassle
  • Have kids? What a chore.
  • Waiting in the unavoidable line

RTR members need not subject themselves to this ritual any more. The Re-turnz App solves the hassle of returning Swaps to the UPS Store. 

Fast Service: 

  • Re-turnz operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is never fashionably late
  • Submit an order and a driver will pick up within an hour, on-demand

Luxury Shipping:

  • Your specific needs and pickup preferences are priority for our drivers
  • Re-turnz System Admins are your personal shipping assistants
  • Get the experience of creating specialized pickup and dropoff orders tailored to your lifestyle needs

Tailored Pick-up Locations: 

  • You define pick-up location with a “Note for Driver” section in the app and are not limited to placing your Swap on the front doorstep
  • Place your Swap in a safe and inconspicuous location

You Need Not Be Present:

  • Live your life. You don’t have to be present with your Swap for a Re-turnz pick-up.

Complete Transparency:

  • A Re-turnz branded and identifiable driver will pick up your Swaps
  • A picture is taken of your Swaps and is sent to you immediately upon pick-up and drop-off

One Size Fits All RTR Members:

  • Unlimited: Total pick-up and drop-off flexibility with your fashion refreshes
  • Update: Relieve the stress of monthly deadlines and fees
  • Reserve: Time sensitive returns are our specialty

Download the Re-turnz App now and optimize your RTR customer experience. Life should be a revolving closet, not a revolving door to the postal store. For more information:

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