What information do I need to sign up as a Re-turnz User?

Provide a valid e-mail address, phone number, payment method, and billing address.

What information do I need to apply as a Re-turnz Driver?

Please have the following info available for a quick application process, consisting of a standard background check:

General Info:                       First & Last Name, Social Security Number, Date of Birth

Contact Info:                       Cell Phone #, Mailing Address, Billing
Address Driving Info:        Driver’s License Info

                                              Vehicle Info

                                              Auto Insurance

                                              Card Picture

                                              Vehicle Registration Document Picture

Payment Info:                    Bank Account Number

                                              ACH Routing Number Passport/ID Picture

How long will the background check / driver application process take?

Get ready to hit the road. Our application process will take no longer than 1 business week.

How will I know if I passed the background check / driver application?

We will send you an e-mail with an Accepted or Rejected notification. Once accepted, you will be able to accept delivery requests from the Re-turnz Order Pool in the app. If rejected, we will provide a brief description as to why.

How can I begin and end my shift?

The Re-turnz Driver Home Screen will have a push button for In Progress and Inactive shifts.

Can I end my shift with packages In Transit?

Yes, but you’re on the hook. Once you pick up a package and it’s In Transit, the package is your responsibility to deliver either that business day or the next, depending on when you picked up the package. If an order in your queue is not delivered within the required time frame, your account will be flagged and a System Administrator will be contacting you until it is delivered.

Can I pick up or deliver an order when not on shift?

Yes, but you’re on the hook. Once you pick up a package and it’s In Transit, the package is your responsibility to deliver either that business day or the next, depending on when you picked up the package. If an order in your queue is not delivered within the required time frame, your account will be flagged and a System Administrator will be contacting you until it is delivered.

To which postal delivery stores can I deliver packages?

The Big 3: UPS, FedEx, USPS

How many orders can I accept at once?

Batch packages. You can have as many as 5 orders in the Accepted status.

How many orders can I deliver at once?

Again, batch packages!. You can have as many as 25 orders In Transit, and with up to 3 packages per order, you can batch as many as 75 packages at once.

Business Model Note: Instead of being limited to transporting 1 customer with typical ride-share apps, Re-turnz encourages drivers to take on multiple orders at once through package batches.

Are there size guidelines for packages?

The Re-turnz Package Matrix outlines package length and weight guidelines.

Small:                   0” – 30” (Basically a shoe box)

Medium:              31” – 50” (Could be fitness accessories)

Large:                   51” – 70” (Maybe surround sound speakers)

Weight:                 20 lb. Max (Leave your heavy baggage at home)

Do I need to package the order or will the customer?

The customer will need to effectively package the order. Drivers should not pick up packages that are not shipment ready. Indicators for a correctly packaged order: Postal box or envelope, shipping tape, shipping label, damage free. Drivers must verify the postal delivery store on the Shipping Label and ensure it matches

How will I be able to see active orders available for pick-up?

Active orders are seen on the Re-turnz Order Pool, which allows Drivers to accept and view order details through interactive GPS.

Am I limited to certain locations to accept orders in the Re-turnz Order Pool?

The Re-turnz Order Pool maintains a 5-mile radius order limit around your real-time location. The Re-turnz System Administrator can extend this radius based on order volume and on-shift drivers.

Can I view orders outside my 5-mile radius in the Re-turnz Order Pool?

You can view general locations of all orders within your city. So, if you see many orders pending acceptance in another neighborhood, you may want to drive there and batch orders.

Where will the customer leave their order for me to pick up?

In a safe and inconspicuous place accessible for the delivery driver at the pick-up location. We provide a “Note for Driver” section where the customer can give detailed information on how best to pick up their packages.



     “Behind the garden gnome and bushes on the side of my house”

     “At the front desk of my apartment complex”

     “Suite 101 with my secretary”

How much time do I have to pick up orders?

You have 1 hour to pick up the order once you accept it. If after 60 minutes you do not pick up the order, it will go back into the Re-turnz Order Pool for other Drivers to make money.

What do I need to do to pick up an order once at the location?

Park in a safe and designated location near the pick-up location.


Exit your vehicle and proceed to the entrance of the pick-up location.


(If available, follow the “Note for Driver” instructions left by the customer)


Take a picture of the package where you find it within the Re-turnz app.


Select “Drop Off Package(s)” to put the order In Transit.


Physically take the package to your vehicle and proceed onward.

How long do I have to deliver an order?

You are responsible for delivering packages within 1 business day.


Order submitted before 2 pm on a business day: Same business day


Order submitted after 2pm on a business day: Within 1 business day

How often do I get paid for orders I deliver?

Drivers can accept orders during non-business days and are responsible for delivering the next business day if accepted.


For example, if you accept an order on Sunday, you are responsible for delivering the package the following Monday – or if the following Monday is a holiday, you are responsible to deliver on the following Tuesday.

What if I have an order and postal delivery stores are closed?

Drivers must safely hold a package until the next business day, limiting package exposure to risk during the In Transit stage.


Business Model Note: For some Drivers, picking up packages during non-business hours may be to their advantage to batch orders. By batching orders, you are utilizing the 25 Orders In Transit feature built into Re-turnz, where you deliver more than 1 order at postal delivery stores.

Can I cancel an order after accepting it?

You can cancel an order only if it’s in the Accepted status in your queue. You’re on the hook to deliver the order once you pick up the package and it’s In Transit.


However, the sooner the package is picked up, the happier the customer will be, and customers will be paying you. Happy Orders = Happy Customers

How will I contact the customer if there is a problem?

You can call the customer if they have enabled the “Allow Drivers to Call Me” feature in their Re-turnz settings. You will always be able to e-mail the customer.

What happens if the customer does not respond to my call or e-mail?

The customer has a 5 minute countdown to respond to your pick-up problem. If after 5 minutes the customer has not responded, you can Release the order back to the Order Pool or Decline the order if you do not believe it can be picked up by another driver.


Note: A System Administrator may be contacting you for more information upon submittal of a problem or after an order is released or declined.

Is there a navigation system built into the Re-turnz app?

The Re-turnz Order Pool utilizes Google Maps to locate order pick-up locations. By Simply clicking on the order address you will be directed to the Google Maps navigation app on your smart phone.

Do I have to use Google Maps for my navigation system to deliver orders?

Drivers can utilize any navigation system they prefer to deliver packages.