Make returns easy.
Make money doing it.

Make returns easy.
Make money doing it.

Re-turnz drivers deliver return
packages back
to the postal store for our customers.

Re-turnz drivers deliver return packages back
to the postal store for our customers.


Money-Making Delivery Business

Our customers do not need to be present for our drivers to pick up their orders.

Maximize Your Profits Batch together up to 25 orders in 1 trip.

Choose Your Work Area Neighborhoods with postal stores.

Manage Your Own RouteLess wear and tear on your vehicle.

Deliver Packages, Not PeopleReduce the hassles in your day.

Keep Your EarningsNo complex hidden fees.

Make Returns Make Money

We serve customers of UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

Collect Multiple Orders at the Same Time

  • Accept Multiple Orders - Up to 25 orders In Transit!
  • Batch collect as many as 75 packages at once! Maximize your profits.
  • Take multiple orders at the same time, instead of being limited to servicing
    only one customer with typical ride-share services.

Deliver Packages, Not People

  • Stop incurring the hassle of driving complete strangers.
  • Packages are so much easier to get along with.

Choose Your Pickups & Destinations

  • Postal Stores rarely change locations and are located near most major
    neighborhoods in your city.
  • Optimize your route and batch collect orders for maximum profits.
  • Stop driving all across town.
  • With smaller lucrative territories, you reduce the hidden costs of vehicle
    maintenance and operation.
  • No food messes or people hassles.

Simple & Quick Payouts - No Complex Fees

  • Re-turnz compensates drivers 40% of the total order fare (before taxes),
    with no hidden service fees.
  • We offer up-front pricing. You know exactly what you will make for each

How the Re-turnz driver app works

Start your shift in the App
to see the available pending orders.
Accept orders within
your 5 mile radius.
Drive to the pickup locations
within 60 minutes.
Follow customer “Notes To Driver”
at the pickup location.
Deliver the packages
to the correct postal delivery store.
Take a picture of the return receipts
for each to complete the delivery.