Press Release: Reopening the San Antonio Economy with Local Logistics Technology

April 21, 2020

The United States is preparing to reopen the economy in State-regulated phases, and Governor Greg Abbott has called for a “statewide strike force” to shepherd reopening Texas. As the city of San Antonio designates their own leaders to usher in the first phases, they must consider mobilizing the local economy to overcome stay-at-home measures. In short, a city-wide delivery network to service the “logistics of things” will jump-start small businesses and the economy by reaching their shelter-in-place customers.

Meet the Re-turnz app – San Antonio-founded logistics tech company that sources gig drivers for small businesses looking for affordable and local delivery. Brick-and-mortar retailers are among the first establishments to reopen, urged by Gov. Abbott to offer “retail-to-go” and curbside pickup. With the Re-turnz mobile app, retailers and small business owners can go further and provide direct to doorstep delivery to patrons for a truly seamless and safe customer experience.

Re-turnz allows businesses to set flat rate delivery fares, a pricing model that out-positions primary delivery apps who take an overall percentage that can be as much as 30% of the total sale. In addition, local businesses can sign up their furloughed staff as delivery drivers and indirectly employ their team members through the Re-turnz app, compensating drivers 70% of the fare. 

Growing from eCommerce postal returns, the Re-turnz team has expanded the app’s capabilities to the “logistics of things”, including food deliveries, PPE, local retail, cable equipment, and more.  Logistics is at the core of revitalizing the San Antonio economy and small business owners should look to local logistics companies like Re-turnz instead of outsourcing to expensive Silicon Valley tech companies.

San Antonio natives, Jose Tamez and Brandon La Lanne are the co-founders of Re-turnz Logistics Technology, Inc., making logistics simple and solving real world problems with technology. The app can be found in the iOS App Store and Google Play and is operational in major cities throughout the US. Contact to mobilize your business as the Texas economy overcomes the coronavirus pandemic.


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