Poshmark Ambassadors: USPS Issues? The Re-turnz App – Faster Pickup & More Convenient

November 10, 2019

Poshmark shoppers want their purchases ASAP and Ambassadors want to satisfy their clientele by shipping items as fast as possible. Inconsistent pickup service from USPS makes this process difficult and hurts your business. 

Seller stylists know that enhancing the customer experience can differentiate Poshmark closets and promote repeat shopping. So, how do you get your orders to customers faster? 

Ambassadors, meet Re-turnz: the easy-to-use package pickup and dropoff service that takes your Posh packages directly to USPS, ON-DEMAND WITHIN AN HOUR.

With Re-turnz, you can schedule pick-ups on demand, and a Re-turnz driver will pick up your packages and deliver them directly to the postal store – WITHIN AN HOUR OF YOUR REQUEST – THE SAME DAY (unlike USPS).

What’s The Problem with USPS picking up your Posh packages?

  • Inconsistent pickup times
  • Missed pickups
  • Overflow packages can be left behind
  • Same-day pickup is not guaranteed
  • Picked up packages not scanned immediately
  • Packages must be left on the front doorstep or the postal worker may not find and pick up your packages (exposing your items to risk)
  • Missing transparency in the pickup process

In an attempt to overcome these all too common scenarios, many sellers choose to physically go to the post office or drop-off bin, which is a hassle and can affect the efficiency of your business model.

How Re-turnz Solves the USPS Problem:

The Re-turnz service can deliver Priority Shipping to the postal store FASTER and more conveniently than USPS. No contest. 

Consistent Pickup times: 

  • We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
  • Submit an order in the Re-turnz App and a driver will pick up, on-demand
  • Orders are delivered within 1 business day and are scanned immediately upon dropoff at the postal store

No Missed Pickups:

  • Your specific needs and pickup preferences are priority for our drivers
  • Re-turnz System Admins are your personal shipping assistants
  • Get the experience of creating specialized pickup and dropoff orders tailored to your business needs

We Process all Your Packages:

  • Unlike USPS that may leave packages behind if their postal truck is full, we pickup all packages specified in your order
  • You don’t have to worry about separate items within the same order being delivered at different times
  • We understand your Poshmark business model and will process all packages every time

Pickup Location of your choosing: 

  • Don’t be limited to the front doorstep anymore. You define the pickup location with a “Note for Driver” section in the app
  • Place your packages in safe and inconspicuous locations. Some examples include:
    • “At the front desk of my townhome community”
    • “On the side of house next to the garden gnome”
    • “Suite 101 with my personal assistant” 

You Need not be Present:

  • Relieving the stress of unknowing even more – you do not have to be present with your packages for a Re-turnz pickup
  • The driver can quickly text you if they have a question to clarify specifics of your pickup
  • You take care of business while we take care of ours – which is picking up your packages!

Complete Transparency:

  • A Re-turnz branded and identifiable driver will pick up your packages
  • A picture is taken of your packages and sent to you immediately upon pickup
  • A picture is taken of your dropoff receipts at the postal store immediately upon dropoff
  • You have complete transparency throughout the Re-turnz process

Download the Re-turnz App now and optimize your Posh Closet for fast outbound packages. Your business will be known as the fastest and most reliable for your customers.

Pricing and availability are subject and tailored to your business model. Contact Info@re-turnz.com to see how you can integrate Re-turnz into your business model.

Skip USPS pickup. Submit your Re-turnz order now! 


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