Narvar Launches Returns ‘Home Pickup’ – A Domino Effect Ensues

March 10, 2022

Narvar has just unveiled their 3-month pilot program for at-home returns pickup with more than 100 participating retailers in ten major cities across the U.S. This is the first domino to fall in what will be a transformational phase of first-mile returns.

For years, the Re-turnz team has petitioned for the partnership between returns optimization platforms (ROP’s) and at-home returns courier services – making a compelling case for our service offering of at-home and on-demand returns pickup from the consumers doorstep.

In 2018, we developed a full scale on-demand returns tech platform that solves the issue of consumer returns – where the consumer never has to leave their home, thus completing the missing link of the comprehensive e-commerce experience by eliminating the dropoff journey.

Our novel idea and first-to-market product offering was early – very very early. Now, in 2022, Narvar has sprinted ahead of all their ROP competition, making national headlines by incorporating next day at-home returns pickup, a model we had developed years before. 

It is exciting and surreal to see our vision and business model validated, articulated, and manifested through Narvar’s “Home Pickup”. What is even more surreal is that Narvar, a reverse logistics platform, has outsourced their first-mile returns pickup to last-mile delivery services. An interesting development, as many copy-cat last-mile start-ups are on their “last-mile” and fumes of venture capital. Perhaps Narvar resuscitated fading and redundant last-mile entities. Nonetheless, the natural partnership and future of the at-home returns space is with a specialized, decentralized, first-mile logistics tech service, like Re-turnz.

As we predicted, the first domino to fall for widespread adoption of the at-home returns space would be an ROP tech company implementing the service as a customer experience value add to their existing retailer customer portfolios, and as a mechanism to gain market share by offering a unique service that hits core value initiatives. How will Narvar’s competition keep pace? We have some decisive next steps and insight on strategic moves for other ROP’s to close the gap.


We are the first-to-market, on-demand and at-home returns pickup tech platform, eliminating the returns dropoff journey found in all current returns models. Re-turnz connects online shoppers with on-demand drivers who pick up and deliver return items within the hour – a contactless, seamless, and immediate returns experience from their doorstep. Our model drives consumer loyalty and thus grows retailer top-line revenue through tech integrations  that create loyalist customers.

The Re-turnz App is the easiest, most advanced, fastest, and convenient service on the market. Return packages the way they came – from your doorstep!

Leadership: Jose Tamez, CEO; T Brandon La Lanne, CTO; Jamie Myers, Director – Product Development 
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